Welcome to the Front Porch

Porches are where memories are made, relationships are built, and you can get some fresh air. So whether you are driving, flying, or sitting at a desk we are all sitting together on the Front Porch as family and friends!

Every week Mark Casto and Matt Pettry sit down on the Front Porch and discuss devotion and life in the Kingdom. Make sure to subscribe on iTunes!

You can listen to the feed here, but we really suggest checking out the 'show notes' for each episode by visiting our Podcast page. You'll find a synopsis of every show and tweet worthy quotes to share.

The Latest Podcast Episode

Michael Wettrich

If you are hearing a call to devotion these podcasts will help put a language to what you are feeling within. I love Mark and Matt's porch talks. They have given me permission to go deeper in devotion and intimacy with God than I've ever been before.


These messages are on point for the Body of Christ in this moment. Matt and Mark have put language to some of the mysteries of the Kingdom that were once unspeakable. This is the sound of reformation. Jesus is comforting the Bride!

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