“Sounds From the Family” Podcast

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By Mark Casto

20 November 2017


Recently, our community here at Hope Chapel has released a new podcast. This is no doubt something I have been waiting on for quite some time. They are taking special moments of worship with the family from Carolina Revival and sharing them with us. Whether it’s just the sound of a saxophone or the original songs being written among us, it’s worth every moment you listen!

I can’t begin to describe the encounters I have had during these worship moments, but it’s what I’m listening to over and over again. It carries the live and raw sound of Carolina Revival. It sends me right back to the place I was with tears flowing down my cheeks. It’s an honor to witness what the Father is doing in the hearts of those you will hear releasing their sound. So it is my honor to share it with all of you who are rocking with us on the Front Porch! Download it, share it, put it on repeat.

There is absolutely nothing out there like this podcast. Now I can have those moments…special moments that meant so much to me, on demand. It stirs up remembrance and thanksgiving for all the Father is doing in us! Maybe I’m biased because it’s the brothers and sisters I get to do life with, but it’s helping to fuel my devotion and encounters with the Lord. May this be another sound that keeps us on Highway One Thing! Click the picture or link here.

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